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Hi, I'm Mary and this is my personal blog where I talk about eating on a paleo diet- or trying my best to do so. Over time I might talk about different things, but primarily I blog about eating, cooking, and my dog pepper.

What is Paleo? 
There are a lot of great paleo primer sites out there and since this a diet that I'm 'following' not that I 'created' I'd recommend going to the source. A few I found helpful when I was first getting started:

Robb Wolf's "what is the paleo diet' was one of the first place I landed when I was trying to figure out what all this nonsense was about. I had heard people drop the term 'paleo' in conversation but really I had no idea what it was. At the time I was really overweight and unhappy with stuff in my life so I knew I was looking to make a change. So I did a BUNCH of research reading all the nay sayers and paleo lovers out there to form my own thoughts on the matter.

I found Nerd Fitness's paleo lego explanation really helpful and cute. My friend was also thinking about changing his diet at the time and I swear the legos sold him on it in an instant.

How do I define eating Paleo?
Gluten Free
Dairy Free (but I do cheat here)
Soy Free
Legume Free
Sugar Free (no corn syrup
Processed Food Free (there are exceptions because I don't make all my own almond milk or cashew butter- but I know how to, but anything highly processed is out, )
Basic rule of 80/20- follow the plan 80% of the time, if you cheat 20% don't feel bad, just do what feels normal.

Things I allow that some people don't:
Sweet potatoes: there's a lot of debate about it, but I think they have a lot of nutrients and when I am feeling crazy a sweet potato can cure all. Since this is about me feeling healthy I think that they make me a better person.
Fruit: I do see better weight loss when  I omit it, but I like having a banana in the morning, and I just don't find it that detrimental to my program.
Bacon: because it is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy
Alcohol: not a ton, not every day, but yes I drink
Butter from grass fed cows. again super moderation, but it happens.
Sushi (so rice) I love sushi, and no raw fish wrapped in cucumber is ever going to compare to the joy I get from real sushi, so once a month, I go have some and I might even use regular soy sauce. Definitely my 20% cheat that I love.
Some people don't believe in mimicking baked goods or prefer to eat as raw as possible, clearly my site is all stuff I baked goods and things I've cooked, but I do also believe in eating raw

One of the first places to start when you do the paleo diet is to clean out your kitchen. Now you don't have to throw stuff away, maybe you can barter with friends or give it to needy people, but I would never tell you to throw away Fritos (why do you own fritos in the first place!)
If you need some help with what to buy I found :
Robb Wolf's Paleo Quickstart shopping guide

Top 3 Paleo Blogs I love:
Against all grain
Nom Nom Paleo

Everyone follows Paleo a little bit different, and it's totally possible that I'm doing it wrong, but why I think I'm doing okay is because I see results. So far I've lost about 40 pounds in 6 months, and then maintained that weight through the holidays and winter. I plan to lose another 40 in the next 6-10 months. So when my recipes call for something you don't eat, find a work around. I do it all the time. My paleo doesn't have to be your paleo. Find a way to make the diet your own and your chances of succeeding and continuing to eat on the plan will be much higher. If you need chocolate, eat chocolate. If you need red wine have some. It's just about finding what works and what makes your body feel it's best. For me I absolutely need half an avocado every day, it's just what I need.

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