Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1- Whole30 self challenge.

So starting today I am starting my second Whole30 program. What is the whole 30 you ask? Well basically it's a much stricter version of going paleo. You see I've been being 'pretty much' paleo since last July/Aug 2012, and while the results have been great (happiness! losing weight! getting shit done!) when I did my first Whole30 (June/July2012) I lost some weight rapidly, felt even better, and just felt like a friggin' rock star most of the time.

What's different about the Whole30 vs. paleo:
No sweetener of any sort: meaning no honey in my tea
No 'paleoifying' things: so most of the fancy baked goods on my blog are out**
No white potatoes: I avoid these anyway, but do use them as "cheats" on the 80/20 rule- but whole30 means none at all.
No alcohol: we'll see about this one, I am human afterall and it is sitting outside sipping a cocktail weather #ginseason
No grains at all: Again I've been cheating with rice, because sushi is delicious. But I am going to try 30 days of no rice at all, or polenta- this will be difficult, but hey sashimi is great, so I will definitely be doing that.
No dairy: I don't really have dairy on paleo, but I have been known to cheat with occasional blue cheese or goat cheese. So that's out.

Why would I want to do this? Well, it's a bit like food bootcamp for my body. Yes, I've been eating rather well, but if I'm being honest, I could do better, and this is my way of committing myself to do just that.

I know I rarely talk about what this diet has done to change my body, because really I did not start it to lose weight. I just wanted to be healthier because when I started this diet I was an unhealthy person, I was overweight, and often unhappy about everything. 10 months later I've lost and kept off about 40lbs and I spend the bulk of my time happy and sharing life with amazing folks I'm proud to call my friends. I have more weight to lose, but I spent the winter focused on maintaining my weight and trying to get more active even when I wanted to just sit inside and pout about the cold. I put together the photo below to show some before and after shots-

-this was not easy as I have destroyed/untagged almost all proof I was ever overweight. And to be clear, I am still overweight, and even when I get to my goal weight, I'll probably still be overweight then (according to the BMI which is BS), but I will be happy and healthy for my body and my personal goals. What am I doing this year that I wasn't last year? Running, doing improv with Steel City Improv, rock climbing, yoga, and I love trying new things whereas before I was stuck in a major rut. (I was biking this time last year so it's not new, it's just easier now that I'm physically stronger)

As I go into my second Whole 30 I know there are things that will be tough but so worth it. Step one is shopping because if your fridge is full of a bunch of crap, you will eat the crap. It's just like the first day of being paleo, throw the junk away or give it to your friends. You think your friends won't take your half eaten box of whatever, we must have different friends because mine would totally take it off my hands. For me I mainly have honey and all my baking supplies, but they will do fine to sit in my cabinets for 30 days so not much for me to give away. More difficult for me is my penchant for not making food soon enough, then getting cranky and ordering- that's got to stop completely. To succeed at the Whole30 you need to have real food readily accessible at all times. Veggies and meat and nuts and avocados.

Want to read more about Whole30- main website, or Naked Plates helpful breakdown. To be clear I'm not paying to do the actual program, I just follow the guidelines and push myself to follow the rules. I'm hoping the results will be awesome and with this great weather that has finally found us, I can't imagine a better way to celebrate than by eating better and getting outside to ride my bike and run and just kick butt all over the place.

Like to know more? Have a specific question? The comments section is up and running and if you're reading this I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. wow, you are an inspiration...want to do the same...will do it! love you are an excellent writer and i must say in that, take after your mama!xoxoxo