Monday, February 25, 2013

How to eat Paleo on a mostly french island (aka hahaha, ha ha, ha ha)

So I spent the last ten days in St Martin with my family. If you don't know the whats and wheres of St. Martin it's a small island that is half French and half dutch in the Caribbean sea. It's a lovely little place and I am fortunate enough to have been there with my family like 9 times. (my family is pretty cool). The trouble with going is the food scene. Being paleo (after this week I feel the statement, 'trying to be paleo' is far more accurate) is wicked hard.

Par exemple:
Typical breakfast: some baguette, a croissant (qwa-san), a thing like a croissant but with raisins
Snack/desert? Cheese, chocolate (ok), fruit
dinners: meat/fish and veggie options were fine, but what were they cooked in, probs butter, delicious delicious butter
Oh! and there is a local ice cream company called Mt. Etna that makes better ice cream than haagen daz and it's not even expensive.

So a week+ there can wear a girl down. You start off being oh so good. Making eggs for breakfast. Ordering seafood and meats and veggies. But with goat cheese and roasted Camembert at the ready 24/7 your plain eggs start to look lonely, and you find yourself sticking your broccoli into the camembert!!! I tried to maintain control of this divergence from the plan, and overall it wasn't like I was eating a baguette + cheese with every meal, but I had significantly more dairy and gluten than I have been and I don't regret it at all.

Did my tummy feel awesome from these choices, well no, but it didn't kill me, and I firmly believe that a good shock to the system helps you get back on track. So if this were an analogy to my falling off the wagon, pretend I just had a 10 day food bender (I shall miss you dear friend, cheese).

So how do the french people stay so thin? because seriously folks, there is no thin, like a french people thin. I think it has something to do with drinking wine, smoking, and looking at your food but not really consuming it. That's my theory at least. Because seriously the amount of escargot and cheese and bread and butter and oil ingrained in their meal plans is a bit crazy. And delicious. cralicious? deliczy something.

*sidenote* Here is one of the many island cats I met while there. Cats/dogs roam free around the island and I choose to name them all, this one I named Martha. She's sitting on a barstool at Bikini beach. Go home cat, you're drunk.

My favorite thing I had there was seared scallops with roasted asparagus in a truffle oil. And there was a tiramisu that was served in a jar that was life changing. Completely.

My favorite thing I made was when my sister and I tried to roast Camembert in the french oven... Celsius is a funny funny thing, it was still cheese, it just wasn't melty as we expected, ya dig? (this may explain it)

But I took a pretty picture by the pool anyway, so there.

Anyhow I'm back, and ready to get back on track, and while I will miss my friend cheese, it's probably for the best that we go our separate ways, I will remember all the good times we had.

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